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About Me

I’ve been a fully-certified Personal Trainer since 2015, helping my clients throughout Boston area achieve their wellness goals. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing the necessary tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired goals.

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core mind, body and strength challenges, so that you can overcome them with confidence. Only then, will you be able to fully embrace who you are and start living a happier and healthier life.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, increase your energy levels, recover from injury, or simply improve your overall health, I am here to help. My clients appreciate my motivation, guidance, and encouragement, and I am proud to have helped many of them achieve their fitness and health aspirations.

My Philosophy

Redefining Your Coaching Experience

My profound love for fitness found its roots during my enriching four-year journey with renowned fitness leaders such as Equinox and Lifetime. During this time, I came to a profound realization that genuine well-being goes far beyond the quest for a sculpted physique alone. I recognize that your personal growth encompasses not only the physical realm but also the intricate interplay of your mind and spirit. You've sought out coaching because you understand that transformation requires more than just what transpires within the confines of a gym.

With unwavering commitment, I've poured my energy and expertise into redefining the coaching experience. My approach is delicately crafted to nurture not just your physical strength, but also your inner well-being. Together, we embark on a journey that fosters healing from within, all while empowering you to flourish into the person you've always aspired to be.


I cultivated my robust journey in Europe, where a passion for fitness and well-being runs deep in the culture. My upbringing was steeped in athleticism, with both of my parents excelling as basketball and volleyball players, and my brother achieving remarkable success with 7 national championships and 17 years in the national basketball team. For me, the transition from playing sports, including basketball, to embracing a career in fitness felt like a natural progression.Three years into my fitness journey, while pursuing my bachelor's degree in business, I also dedicated significant time to various fitness specializations. It was during this time that I achieved a remarkable milestone - securing the 3rd place in the national Men's Physique competition. The following year brought even more success as I proudly clinched my first 1st place Men's Physique medal.These experiences have not only shaped my professional path but have also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the dedication and perseverance required to excel in the world of fitness.




Exceptional Quality

A recovery session with a personal trainer and state-of-the-art equipment is the perfect way to soothe your muscles, reduce pain and discomfort, and enhance your overall recovery.My recovery sessions utilize cutting-edge technology such as percussion and compression therapy to help you feel your best.I recommend 4x recovery sessions in a month as it is the best way to recovery and stretch your muscles and feel relaxed after a physical workout of your program.

Initial Consultation & Movement Screen

After getting in touch with me and scheduling your consultation, you will be offered those options:

-Online consultation (you will receive an email with the questionnaire that will help me to understand more about your goals and provide extra tips if needed).

-Phone consultation(we will have a phone call and discuss more about your goals and provide extra tips if needed).

-1on1 consultation (you will have a sit down with me and discuss more about your goals and provide extra tips if needed.Also you will go through a movement screen observe your form and identify issues if there are any).

Sign Up Process

After the initial consultation & finishing the Sign Up process, together we will discuss the location and time availability.​After that is set, I will build your profile through Elio Fitness App.It requires 24-72 hours to get you started. By then you will receive an email invitation and how to set up the app. After you download the app you will be able to find your workout program, nutrition guide or diet ,your fitness calendar and different notes based your goals and video demonstrations so you will better understand the exercise.

1on1 Personal Training

You have set the schedule and your workout place to be.

Anywhere you have decided to train, at your house, outdoors, in a remote location or at your gym apartment, I am eqquiped with all equipments that are needed for you to reach your goals, from bands, dumbbells, barbells, weights, cable machines as well and any innovative equipment that might help you to improve your strength, stability or mobility.

60 min workout split:

5-10min warm-up

40-45min mobility/stability/strength/resistance

10-15min cool-down

Recovery Session

Online Coaching

24/7 Accountability Online

My online coaching program focuses on the personalized workout program, nutrition, calorie intake, fitness habits, and accountability can provide a comprehensive approach to fitness success. I offer online coaching for people that have no time or cannot afford a personal trainer but want to get the same benefits as with one. You will get the app with your workout program and nutrition guide or diet.

Finally, I provide 24/7 access to support, motivation, and accountability. I will provide guidance and feedback to help you stay on track and overcome any obstacles you may encounter.All my clients that have my app or my contact as well are more than welcome to reach me out anytime and get the best help possible.

My Passion

I have a deep love for summer and the joy of traveling. Unfortunately, my work commitments have often kept me from taking the vacations I long for. Lately, during my precious moments of free time, I've been nurturing my growing passion for photography. I recently acquired my second professional camera and have been honing my skills as an amateur photographer. You can explore some of the captured moments in my photo gallery below. 📷✨

Hobbies, Sports, Travel

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